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Jen Coetzee

Jen Coetzee has over 25 years of commercial, marketing and growth experience and nearly a decade at executive level. She is all about tackling big, game-changing projects that get everyone fired up to make an impact. One of her key strengths is bringing different teams together and using her energy and can-do approach to create momentum.

Business is Beautiful

“The world of commerce is my inspiration; and I am proud of my broad experience in everything from finance to entertainment to retail, helping brands and businesses grow and thrive. I love finding ways to make life that little bit easier and better for customers and organizations. Drumming up support for the dream; and meeting those high standards (you know, what customers expect) is where I really shine”.  

Jen Coetzee

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Robin Tindall

Formally educated in sports medicine, but more intrigued by the science of business, Robin quickly saw how businesses faltered in marketing (or the lack thereof). Companies can have the best product but ”getting the doorbell to ring” is critical.

High Speed Action

“I am a marketing automation nerd. I take all the complicated marketing stuff, make it easy, and then plug it into clever processes that work for you while you sleep. “Massive persistent action” and “high speed implementation” are mantras I try to live by.  In other words,  if a plan is decided, take action and don’t give up if it does not work right away. And make sure the action is big enough to make a difference. I’m excited to share this with as many entrepreneurially-minded companies as possible”.

Robin Tindall

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We envision a world where businesses not only soar but also uplift others in their flight. We’re for the humans who build lasting ecosystems through their collaboration and smarts, while using smart tech that helps them do better, faster.

Belief, Respect and Transparency are central to everything we do.

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