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Grow Your Customers with Ease

The DIY Marketing MAP in 3-easy steps:

  1. The Humanoid AI machine researches your company, the market, and your potential customers to develop a UNIQUE point of difference for your business – in an instant
  2. Next we align your business strategy to develop a marketing strategy and communications plan and show you how to communicate in an authentic and RELEVANT way to your market.
  3. We recommendations easy ways to automated your marketing execution so that your campaigns are VISIBLE and reach the maximum audiences with maximum efficiency

Generated in less than 30 minutes and delivered directly to your inbox, your unique report outline includes:

  1. Executive Summary
  2. Company Overview
  3. Your Industry Analysis
  4. Company S.W.O.T. Analysis & competitive review
  5. Your Target Audience & solving their pain points
  6. Your UNIQUE Selling Proposition & crafting your sales pitch
  7. Marketing Goals & executing on your competitive strength (with FREE S.M.A.R.T. goals)
  8. Encouraging Trial (with FREE content ideas)
  9. The Journey to Sales (in 3 easy steps)
  10. Optimising Acquisition (FREE metrics for success)
  11. Amplifying your message (FREE campaign call out concepts)
  12. Leveraging your Brand Advocates (easy ideas for customer reviews and referrals)
  13. Summary Recommendations (YOUR quick get-started guide)
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